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About us

We are a family-owned company located in Denmark. We produce all our products in Denmark at our plastic injection molding factory and we export to all over the world.
Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S has received the 4th Børsen Gazelle in a row (Marathon Gazelle 2020), which we are proud of and very satisfied with.

Food approved material

As our plastic baskets are for use in the fishing industry, in the agriculture and in the gardening, all our baskets are produced in food-approved material.
Our baskets are produced in the sizes 44 L. and 58 L. so there is plenty of room for various food and/or other things.


We have focus on quality.
We work continually to develop and improve all our products so that they remain in the best possible quality.
We have developed probably the world's strongest plastic basket.
Due to our high level of ambition, we export to all over the world today.
The baskets are continually quality tested in our laboratory for impact strength and handle tensile strength. The durability and strength are absolutely decisive to our results, which is proven by the fact that we have sold by far the greatest number of this type of basket in
the world.


One of our greatest strengths is our experience. We have more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic baskets as well as broad experience in general within injection molding with PELLD material; therefore, we are one of the companies best qualified for producing plastic baskets.
We use the latest plastic technology for the best possible result of our products.
We constantly focus on design and optimization.

Environment and sustainability

Today, the world has focus on plastic, the environment and sustainability, which means that there is focus on us as a company. We are fine with that, because here at Neptun Plast A/S and Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S we are very environmentally conscious and we continually do our best to take care of the environment.
We make demands on ourselves for high environmental requirements, as well as for all our suppliers, and especially our raw material suppliers.
We also have great confidence in our customers to have focus on the environment, too, in order to avoid the products produced in plastic ending up in the world's oceans.
Unfortunately, this is a huge problem today, which is completely unacceptable.
To avoid this environmental impact, we recycle the surplus plastic such as inlet pins, punching rings, waste when changing colors, etc.
We sort the plastic, crush it and recycle it in our production, so that our waste percentage is almost non-existent and so that we have minimal raw material waste for the benefit of the environment.

Company logo

We offer customers to have their own Brand Name (logo) embossed at the bottom of the baskets when ordering minimum 500 Baskets.
So, if your company wants to have your own logo in the baskets, this is the perfect opportunity.